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Williams Stands Out on Basketball Team

South is a school of many sports the main sport students are interested in right now is basketball. One player on the team is Desi Williams, junior. He talked about how the season was going and what's he looking forward to going into postseason. Williams said that “The season is good we

Mizzou’s Journey to the Tourney

If you would have told me that Missouri basketball would make the NCAA final tournament last year, I would have called you a liar. But after Mizzou got the number one player in the nation and a ton of other recruits, they have a chance. Mizzou is 15-8 and not

Russel Mania

Once Kevin Durant shocked the world with his announcement to leave OKC and join the already stacked Golden State Warriors, we weren’t sure how things would look for the Thunder but we did know one thing for sure, this was Russel Westbrook’s team. Now the clear superstar in OKC, Russel

Lady Panthers Basketball Season

   You're standing at the free throw line, sweat running off your forehead. The basketball bounces between the floor and your hand, your teammates silently whispering you good luck and the crowd cheering you on from the bleachers as they hold signs and chant the name of your team.  

Switching Gears from Athletic to Scholar out of College

Gobs of children get into sports as little kids when their parents start exploring different hobbies for them. A bunch more go on to play competitive for club and make varsity at their schools. But then only a handful of them develop a passion and the drive to go onto to

One and… One More?

In 2005, the NBA and its player’s union discussed the topic of the draft. They wanted to come up with a set of rules regarding draft eligibility and one of the rules they came up with was that you needed to be at least one year removed from the graduation

Why is March so Mad?

A universally unsolved question is this: What made March so mad? Was it the constant games going on, or how the best 64 teams in the nation are thrown in one bracket, or is it how it is unimaginable that a number one seed is going to lose to a

A Season to Remember

Starting with Desi Williams (Freshman) making a game winning three against Park Hill, to Ryan Welty (Senior) dunking, to Lamel Robinson (Freshman) draining the last basket of the season against Liberty North in sectionals, the 2016 South Varsity Basketball season was one to remember. Going into sectionals, there were high hopes