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Boy’s Baseball

Boy’s baseball headed down to the Ozarks this past weekend for their last baseball tournament of the season. Before taking the trip down, the team played against Raytown and won 12-2. A big win for the boys. At the Ozarks, they went 0-2 for the weekend. They played Camdenton High

South vs Staley Baseball

Park Hill South baseball team faced one of their biggest challenges on April 17. They put up a great fight against Staley High School who is known for their baseball talent and just won a tournament in Columbia. Staley has a lot of D1 talent on their team including great

The Last Pitch

Baseball season starting means that the end of the school year is near, along with nice weather, finals, graduation and finally, summer. But for these nine seniors, it is their last time playing ball together.   “It’s weird to think it is the last season. I grew up playing and it’s hard


This is the time of year where expectations meet reality. This is when all the hard work and dedication finally pay off. It's where sweat, blood, and dirt all come into play at one time.   It's baseball season everyone, and it's coming up fast.   For some athletes, baseball is a life

Arod Profile

Alex Rodriguez, junior, is a very talented baseball player here at south. Rodriguez was a great part to the team with only being a sophomore and with Ryan Hagen graduating, he will see a lot more playing time. “Ever since I was five I have loved the game and always

Cubs World Series 2016

The final game 7 in every sport is one of the most important of all. But in this particular case, game 7 against Cleveland Indians, was the most important of all time for all Chicago Cubs fans. The win of the final 2017 game ended the longest drought in professional

Park Hill South Swings Into A New Season

    This year, the South's baseball team has a lot of returning players and has a very good chance to have a successful this year. Although South did lose some talented seniors such as Jacob Thigpen and  Ryan Callahan, we still have a lot of talent from last years

Catching the Baseball Bug

It’s the bottom of the ninth inning. He steps up to home plate with a bat in hand knowing that if he hits this just right, he can win the title of State Champions for his team. He wipes away a drop of sweat rolling down his forehead, and with

Royals Preseason Performance

Although the preseason hasn’t always been an accurate source to use to predict a team's performance, many critics draw conclusions off of it. In baseball the game can change on a dime. Teams arranged at the peak of the winners list can fall. And on the other hand, teams who plummet

Back in the Swing of Baseball

Spring is just around the corner, which means spring sports are, too. Baseball is a popular sport at South and there were around 30 freshman that went out for the team at the beginning of this month. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough spots for everyone, but there are enough spots to fill

South Celebrates the Series

“It was so worth it,” Jenna Engle, senior, said about the Royals parade. Over 800,000 people attended the parade according to the local Fox News station. And a lot of the people in the parade were South students. The parade was a huge success as it was the largest gathering all time

Playing Through Pain

Even though the Kansas City Royals won game 1, an even bigger loss occurred. Daniel Volquez, the father of starting pitcher Edinson Volquez, passed away just hours before his son was sent out to pitch in World Series Game 1. Daniel Volquez was 63 and died in the Dominican Republic from