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How do you prepare for your event?

There are over 15 sports that students can participate in at South.  That means there are well over 15 different ways athletes can prepare.   One athlete at South tries to stay on the same routine through her entire track season. Senior, Jordan Lenz, focuses on getting a good amount of sleep

Nutrition and Diets of an Athlete

Behind every great athlete is their diet. Most good players have at least one or two things they like to eat before a big game. Addison Meehan, freshman, said that she likes to eat something healthy with protein before soccer games. She said she tries to cut out as much

Athletes rake in the dollar$

What would you do if you were making more than $40 million a year? While that is a ridiculous hypothetical to most people, there are some athletes for whom this is a reality. The highest paid professional sports player in the United States is football player Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh

Athletes diets reflect level of workouts

“I eat pizza like every day.” If you have the pleasure of knowing Cienna Newett, sophomore, you’ll know that this statement is true. Newett is a South Side Girl and follows a very strict diet. “We dance all year so I usually try to eat healthy,” said Newett, laughing. Her statement is quite

Burnout in Young Athletes

Between sports, school and more sports, some young athletes barely have time for a breather. Many kids start competitive sports at very young ages and before they know it they have practices more than once a day.

Fast Food Frenzy for Male Athletes

After a tough, calorie burning practice, an athlete’s stomach will burn because of their hunger. That athlete will look for the easiest way to provide a cure to that awful hunger feeling. The easiest way is fast food.