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Something Knee-ds to Change

The sun shines brightly on the fall leaves, yet the field itself is in shade. The national anthem begins to ring out. The team in white stands tall, hands over hearts. The team in blue kneel, arms around each other’s shoulders. United. “We [my team] were hoping to contribute to the movement

The Race for the College Football Playoff

With the college football season now entering mid-season, The playoff picture is starting to develop, and many teams have eliminated themselves from candidacy the past couple of weeks. So what better way to celebrate than to discuss which teams still have a legitimate shot: Here’s my completely subjective take on

Serving up a Victory

All three girls volleyball teams won their games last week   The Freshman, JV, and Varsity volleyball teams all won their games against Liberty North on Tuesday, Sept. 21. On Monday, Sept. 18, Jamison McClaran, a sophomore on JV, said that the coaches “drilled” the qualities they had gotten beaten on the week

Rage Cage Speaker Banned

Tensions between the Park Hill South student section, also known at the “Rage Cage,” and school administration have led to the banning of students bringing speakers to sporting events. The students of Park Hill South are known for their rowdy and boisterous behavior at their school sporting events. Their student section's