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The Opioid Crisis: What to Know

It was declared a national health emergency in October. In February, a budget agreement of six billion dollars was signed by Donald Trump to help combat the opioid crisis. And yet, it is often dismissed as nothing more than some drug-addicts in the darkest corners of the country. But in

Walk Out V. Walk Up

This whole week of intense politics making its way through South has exhausted and confused me. Yesterday morning, schools all over the United States, including South, participated in a Walk Out, a protest against the increasing gun violence in America. The Walk Out movement was sparked after the Florida Parkland shooting

10 Best Albums of All Time

An album that is amazing with every song from start to finish is a beautiful thing. Each song is incredible, not finding a single one that disappoints. This is the 10 best albums of all time, featuring artists like One Republic, Hozier, and many more... Click this link to listen to Jackie

The Cryptocurrency Craze

Tulip Bulbs, Dotcom stocks, Bitcoin? There will always be a new craze that everyone is flocking towards, but it almost inevitably ends in disaster. Bitcoin has made massive headlines this year, surpassing $10,000 for the first time ever, and even reaching $18,000 currently. This kind of growth is unprecedented, and has

Superman Doesn’t Superscore

Superman doesn't superscore, but the college of your choice might! Superscore: The word invokes reluctant optimism about that last ACT score that didn’t quite rise to the occaison… Superscore means to collect one’s highest individual category scores and calculate a new composite score from the new data. So, say you’ve taken