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Photography Basics

      Photography, whether you believe it or not, has become a huge part of our lives with constant Instagram posts, Facebook updates, snapchat stories, and other social media. We are constantly taking videos and pictures everywhere we go. whether you are using a cell phone, snap and shoot,

The Opioid Crisis: What to Know

It was declared a national health emergency in October. In February, a budget agreement of six billion dollars was signed by Donald Trump to help combat the opioid crisis. And yet, it is often dismissed as nothing more than some drug-addicts in the darkest corners of the country. But in

Walk Out V. Walk Up

This whole week of intense politics making its way through South has exhausted and confused me. Yesterday morning, schools all over the United States, including South, participated in a Walk Out, a protest against the increasing gun violence in America. The Walk Out movement was sparked after the Florida Parkland shooting