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South Takes On DECA

South’s DECA club attended districts Feb. 9 at UMKC. The group consisted of seniors Joe Cummings, Joe Leluga, Robert Showers, Eli Guzman and Cooper Hayes, junior. “We have a pretty strong project and a pretty strong team,” said Cummings.   These five men were able to put their business knowledge on

Snow Day Adjustment

As global warming is changing across the world, snow days are starting to look a lot different. As of Feb. 4, many student were expecting a snow day at some point in the week after the weather forecast predicted one of the worst snow storms in Kansas City history. Senior Kris Davis

Snow or Shine?

Students across South are experiencing confusion this winter season.  As is Kansas City, with at least three incorrect weather forecasts in the past month, misinforming many.   Whether these inaccuracies are positive or negative, it’s clear that snow days have been the talk of the town. In South’s case, a recent twitter

Will Tuesday’s Snow, Hit or Miss?

3 years ago yesterday was the anniversary of Kansas City’s last 3 inch, or more snowstorm. That seems hard to believe considering we’ve had a lot of 1-2 inch snowstorms, but none above 2.3 inches, let alone 3. Tuesday may finally break this dry spell, but their are a lot

South Boy’s Golf

The Golf team has always been quite hard to make, and it’s only getting harder, especially for the older players. Coach Magles believes it’s very smart to keep younger players because they have four years to develop into much better golfers.   Junior, Nick Ryan, has been playing golf for 5 years

Lettuce Club Hold’s 2nd Annual Meeting

A PHS tradition continued at students from all grades took on one of the mightiest challenges in their student career. Eating a head of lettuce, in the shortest amount of time as possible. Dozens of students competed in chowing down the green, but only one came out on top, to

Culture Fair

On Monday, November 20, and Tuesday, November 21, students met in the library to learn about world cultures - from other students. Either students from certain places presented booths, like Jazeel Banton, sophomore, who moved here from Jamaica, or students who had an interest in a certain place had booths,

New look at the K

  The grounds crew at Kauffman Stadium is making big changes for the upcoming season. They are redoing the whole field and taking it apart. The K now is just a giant field of dirt. The K is not looking as good as it normally does at the moment, but when