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Victory for the Music Department at State Large Ensemble Fesival

This morning, the Park Hill South A Cappella Choir and South Boulevard Singers performed at the MSHAA State Large Ensemble Festival. This event is a regional music competition in which local schools take their large music groups (for PHS that’d be Symphonic Orchestra, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, A Capella Choir,

Spanish Field Trip

On Tuesday, April 4th, the upper level Spanish classes took their annual field trip to the Nelson Atkins art museum and the Plaza. This year, the AP Spanish class went to see traveling Picasso exhibit after studying Picasso and his art in Spanish class. “It’s really cool to see paintings you’ve

South’s Rockstar Leaders

“P-A-R-T-Y. Party, party is on our side. Where’s the party? If the party's over here.” “Hey Burrito. Hey, hey, hey burrito.” “I went down to the river and I took a little walk.” “Hey MASC, how do you feel?” These were some of the many cheers that were chanted at Missouri

Rex is Out!

As of March 13th, this morning, Rex Tillerson the former Secretary of State under President Donald Trump, has been relieved of his duties of Secretary. This was was tweeted this morning, un-diplomatically. The tweet stated “Mike Pompeo will be our new Secretary of State, he will do a great job,

South Students Battle Icy Roads

Winter weather has hit the Kansas City area several times this season. Snowy and icy roads have complicated the morning commutes of drivers all across the metro. Several South students have been affected by the conditions. Senior Ewan Frick notes that his vehicle is not properly fitted for dangerous roads. “I definitely

South Takes On DECA

South’s DECA club attended districts Feb. 9 at UMKC. The group consisted of seniors Joe Cummings, Joe Leluga, Robert Showers, Eli Guzman and Cooper Hayes, junior. “We have a pretty strong project and a pretty strong team,” said Cummings.   These five men were able to put their business knowledge on

Snow Day Adjustment

As global warming is changing across the world, snow days are starting to look a lot different. As of Feb. 4, many student were expecting a snow day at some point in the week after the weather forecast predicted one of the worst snow storms in Kansas City history. Senior Kris Davis

Snow or Shine?

Students across South are experiencing confusion this winter season.  As is Kansas City, with at least three incorrect weather forecasts in the past month, misinforming many.   Whether these inaccuracies are positive or negative, it’s clear that snow days have been the talk of the town. In South’s case, a recent twitter