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Kirby Star Allies – Shooting Star or Burning Trash?

From Friend Hearts to all-powerful demons, Kirby has it all in his most recent game, Kirby Star Allies. Kirby Star Allies is the most recent installment in the Kirby franchise, published by HAL Laboratory, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.   If you’re unaware of what Kirby is, it is a series of platformer

Anxious Athletes

All eyes on you.  The game comes down to this play, race, moment.   Your heartbeat quickens with every roar from the crowd and the tension builds up throughout your body.   These are nerves.  Nerves can be a common denominator throughout all sports, and everyone has a different way of handling

Run Fast, Throw Far

As the grass gets greener and the weather gets warmer, most athletes are tying up their shoes and getting ready for the first track meet of the season. The first track meet for South is coming up soon, on March 26 against Winnetonka, Park Hill and Liberty North. Track seasons

Soccer Success

Numerous hours are dedicated weekly to one of the top sports played in the world: soccer. Makayla Mead made the JV soccer team at South this year as a freshman. “I am excited to play with new people against higher competition,” she said. The last five years of her life

School Lunches

As the bell rings for lunch the time every students anticipates for every day is here. But is school provided lunch really the best option both nutritionally and price wise? Here at South, students see some of the same and new options daily at the cafeteria. These different options range from

Highway Taglines

When driving down the road, we see all sorts of signs, symbols, and phrases that pass by without being noticed. A license plate is traditionally a meaningless series of letters and numbers that mean nothing to the average driver. Such a mundane idea only stands out on rare occasions. Personalized license

Misinformation Age

Do you keep up with the news but still feel you’re missing something? Do you ever question things you see or hear in movies, TV and music? As it turns out, this is a common problem for many Americans, and the effects are showing. In the modern world, it’s a necessity to

The Office: Hit or Miss?

What in the world would be funny about a paper company?  I asked myself this same question before watching this hit TV show, but ever since March 24, 2005 NBC has been the talk of comedy, some would say because of a show that’s spread like wildfire: "The Office."    Some