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The Most Iconic Detention Ever

Saturday detention doesn’t seem like anything fun, but somehow director John Hughes managed to make it into one of the most classic movies of the '80s, “The Breakfast Club.”   Five high schoolers are forced into a nine hour Saturday detention where they don’t know each other and if they do, it’s

Deep Dish Heaven

How often do you get to enjoy a cheesy thick deep dish crust pizza?   Not often, unless you are in the Windy City of Chicago. Chicago is known for their deep dish pizza. Giordano’s is a must go place if you ever find yourself in downtown Chicago looking for a bite

Worlds of Fun Lives Up to Its Name

There are lots of amusement parks in the country-- you have Six Flags, Disney World, and many more. One the country’s favorites is Worlds Of Fun. People come from all around the country to experience Worlds Of Fun. I don’t blame them; the rides are epic. Worlds Of Fun has its

Athletes and Working Out

Are athletes obsessed with working out?         Parents and peers will often say that working out can definitely be an addiction and athletes are beginning to take working out way too far. However, a couple of athletes in particular believe “there is no such thing as pushing yourself too far

Kirby Star Allies – Shooting Star or Burning Trash?

From Friend Hearts to all-powerful demons, Kirby has it all in his most recent game, Kirby Star Allies. Kirby Star Allies is the most recent installment in the Kirby franchise, published by HAL Laboratory, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.   If you’re unaware of what Kirby is, it is a series of platformer

Anxious Athletes

All eyes on you.  The game comes down to this play, race, moment.   Your heartbeat quickens with every roar from the crowd and the tension builds up throughout your body.   These are nerves.  Nerves can be a common denominator throughout all sports, and everyone has a different way of handling