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Beating the Heat

In the summertime, things can get pretty heated (temperature wise, of course).   In the past, Kansas City’s temperatures have exceeded the norms, getting up to, if not higher than, 100 degrees by mid July.   This heat can get dangerous, and even deadly if you’re not taking the proper precautions. Here’s

Feel the Rhythm

Culture changes drastically from generation to generation; art is usually the voice of culture. Contemporary art constantly changes as a result. A prime example of this is music, something that’s been present since the dawn of time.  To start, let’s trace the origin of music. The concept began with

Cannoli Craze

I’ve been a cannoli lover for as long as I can remember, eating them all around KC and my Italian household.   Recently, I found a new favorite spot: Mike’s Pastries in Boston, Mass.  Other than being approximately 22 hours from Kansas City, and a little too small in the interior’s

The Most Iconic Detention Ever

Saturday detention doesn’t seem like anything fun, but somehow director John Hughes managed to make it into one of the most classic movies of the '80s, “The Breakfast Club.”   Five high schoolers are forced into a nine hour Saturday detention where they don’t know each other and if they do, it’s

Deep Dish Heaven

How often do you get to enjoy a cheesy thick deep dish crust pizza?   Not often, unless you are in the Windy City of Chicago. Chicago is known for their deep dish pizza. Giordano’s is a must go place if you ever find yourself in downtown Chicago looking for a bite

Worlds of Fun Lives Up to Its Name

There are lots of amusement parks in the country-- you have Six Flags, Disney World, and many more. One the country’s favorites is Worlds Of Fun. People come from all around the country to experience Worlds Of Fun. I don’t blame them; the rides are epic. Worlds Of Fun has its

Athletes and Working Out

Are athletes obsessed with working out?         Parents and peers will often say that working out can definitely be an addiction and athletes are beginning to take working out way too far. However, a couple of athletes in particular believe “there is no such thing as pushing yourself too far