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Importance of Sleep

Do you think you should stay up another hour and watch Netflix or do you think you should go to sleep and not watch Netflix? Sleep plays a very important job in your lifetime. Getting enough sleep can help your brain work properly. You can stay up another hour and

Evolution of Dance

Dance has been a way people express themselves since the earliest humans walked the Earth. With so many possible combinations it’s no wonder the art of dance has evolved through the centuries. In the early 15th century “ballo” was very popular among Italians. The dance features several couples that stand

Peace in Paris?

Two brothers, Cherif and Said Kouachi, decided to revisit their homeland of Paris, France. Not to hang out with family, or look back on old memories, but to get revenge on Charlie Hebdo.   For those who don’t know, Charlie Hebdo is the name of a weekly French magazine company whose office

A Built in Best Friend for 18 Years

After walking through the doors to school together for 13 years, twins prepare for their next step of education... together or apart. Some twins plan to stay together for college, but others are looking forward to being independent. Park Hill South has five different sets of twins in the senior

Glow & Glisten

Christmas time always brings out the joy in families, the charity in strangers, and for some, the glistening lights and jolly blow-up Santas out of the garage. Madison Loescher, junior, knows all too much about that. If you visit Loescher’s home during the holiday season, you will see scattered flamingos, peacocks, an

KC Strip

The weather is heating up around Kansas City and with that comes the heating up of several grills and cook-outs across the metro. But don’t stay in and miss out on the array of barbeque that fills up highway exit signs all over town.