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Unlocking her phone with a quick swipe of her thumb, Tatum Lierman, sophomore, has officially made the cautious decision to open up a world of possibilities. First she presses on Instagram, scrolls through, closes and switches to another social media, this is a daily cycle that consumes most teenagers. According

Arod Profile

Alex Rodriguez, junior, is a very talented baseball player here at south. Rodriguez was a great part to the team with only being a sophomore and with Ryan Hagen graduating, he will see a lot more playing time. “Ever since I was five I have loved the game and always

An Insight on German Club

The amazing friends people find in their years of high school have come from many different opportunities provided by the school. This includes many clubs, such as German Club. Connor Willis(Junior) said, “I’m just in love with it. I love German club. The people who are in German club, we’ve been

Christmas Traditions in KC

From the Plaza lights and the Mayor’s Christmas Tree to ice skating in Crown Center, Kansas City is filled with holiday traditions that have been celebrated by locals for decades. During this wonderful time of the year Kansas City is known for its plentiful holiday activities. With all the sights to

Back To The Art

We are lucky enough to have many Art teachers here at South. But do you ever wonder why they chose to be a teacher rather than a professional, or how long they’ve been an art teacher? Courtney Young actually was a professional artist. “I was in corporate for designing, but then I

Sweet Shop

Candy is a treat everyone has a sweet tooth for and can be found just about anywhere. But where can you find the best candy? Janae Hlavacek, freshman, likes the Chips Chocolate, in Crown Center, to buy her sweets. “It’s got chocolate stuff and fudge and I’m a chocoholic,” said Hlavacek.

Concerts in Kansas City

Not all big artists put Kansas City on the map for the tours they go on. However, many well-known, talented artists have come here to Kansas City to perform. Some students at South have experienced significant ones.              A big one several students went to recently was G-Eazy on

Summer Jobs

For some students, summer is a time for pure relaxation, but for others, work doesn’t stop just because school does.   According to the most recent US census, 25 percent of high school students over the age of 16 work. High schools across the country have students who work part-time or full-time