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Unlocking her phone with a quick swipe of her thumb, Tatum Lierman, sophomore, has officially made the cautious decision to open up a world of possibilities. First she presses on Instagram, scrolls through, closes and switches to another social media, this is a daily cycle that consumes most teenagers. According

Yoga Is For Everyone

“If you don’t already do yoga, start now!” Everybody can do yoga and there are an endless amounts of benefits to doing it. No matter where you are or what condition you’re in, you can do yoga. “Yoga is literally for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant, disabled or just not

School Lunches

As the bell rings for lunch the time every students anticipates for every day is here. But is school provided lunch really the best option both nutritionally and price wise? Here at South, students see some of the same and new options daily at the cafeteria. These different options range from

Highway Taglines

When driving down the road, we see all sorts of signs, symbols, and phrases that pass by without being noticed. A license plate is traditionally a meaningless series of letters and numbers that mean nothing to the average driver. Such a mundane idea only stands out on rare occasions. Personalized license

Misinformation Age

Do you keep up with the news but still feel you’re missing something? Do you ever question things you see or hear in movies, TV and music? As it turns out, this is a common problem for many Americans, and the effects are showing. In the modern world, it’s a necessity to

South’s Rockstar Leaders

“P-A-R-T-Y. Party, party is on our side. Where’s the party? If the party's over here.” “Hey Burrito. Hey, hey, hey burrito.” “I went down to the river and I took a little walk.” “Hey MASC, how do you feel?” These were some of the many cheers that were chanted at Missouri

South takes on ACT

For lots of college bound students, the consensus is that getting good grades in high school leads to acceptance and scholarships at universities. The 80 hours that junior Sam Beuerlein spent on ACT activities says otherwise. “I’m aiming for a 34 or a 35,” Beuerlein said.  A satisfactory score doesn’t always

Home is Where the BBQ is

Florida, The Bahamas, and California are all among some of the most popular vacation spots for Spring Break each year. However, most people do not get the chance to travel around for this short break from school. This does not mean that they don’t get to enjoy their time off,

Rising Star

“Cover of ‘Real Friends’ out now!” reads Ethan McWilliams’ Instagram Page. McWilliams, freshman, is a pianist and cellist taking a part in South’s Symphonic Orchestra as a freshman while still maintaining his grades in advanced classes. McWilliams started a YouTube channel with over 300 views a couple months ago showcasing his