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Pepper Jax Grill Pleases

When you think of a cheesesteak, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Does Philadelphia come to mind? Or does a delicious sensation of steak and cheese hitting your taste buds come to your mind? Well, lucky for you, at Pepper Jax Grill, you can get a delicious Philly

You’ll Fall Hard for This Movie

“Die Hard” is an action-packed, thrilling and iconic movie in the action genre. “Die Hard” is about a New York City cop who goes to LA on Christmas Eve to see his wife and kids, but the Christmas Party at Nakatomi Tower is interrupted by a group of German terrorists.

“Love” Review

Love is a Netflix original series about a guy named Gus, forming an unusual, slightly dysfunctional relationship with a girl named Mickey. Both are in their later 20's. Gus is an on-set tutor for a middle school girl on a TV show, but he aspires to be a writer. Mickey

Grammy 2017 Fashion Review

Rihanna: Umm…all I can say is, “YESSSSS GIRRRLLLL WORK IT!!!”.  Rihanna is one of those girls that can wear anything she wants and still be able to pull it off.  Rihanna is seen wearing Armani Prive and Chopard jewelry.  The orange pairs really nice with the her skin tone, and

Freaks and Geeks Review

Freaks and Geeks is a show set in 1980. There is one season that you can find on Netflix. The main character is Lindsay, who is befriending "the freaks". The freaks are the stoner type kids. Lindsay is more geeky and does well in school. The show also follows her

A Long Way From Home

           If Rihanna wasn’t talented enough, she shines bright like a diamond in this animated film. Accompanied by Jim Parsons, more widely known as Sheldon Cooper from “The Big Bang Theory”, they bring this story to life in the extraordinary characters and heartfelt comedy “Home”.            Rihanna plays Tip, a young