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The Most Iconic Detention Ever

Saturday detention doesn’t seem like anything fun, but somehow director John Hughes managed to make it into one of the most classic movies of the '80s, “The Breakfast Club.”   Five high schoolers are forced into a nine hour Saturday detention where they don’t know each other and if they do, it’s

Kirby Star Allies – Shooting Star or Burning Trash?

From Friend Hearts to all-powerful demons, Kirby has it all in his most recent game, Kirby Star Allies. Kirby Star Allies is the most recent installment in the Kirby franchise, published by HAL Laboratory, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.   If you’re unaware of what Kirby is, it is a series of platformer

Lil Boat 2 Review

Lil Yachty's career is opposite than most rappers. He started out with a sound that was well recognized on the original Lil Boat album. While it was not a “masterpiece”, it definitely delivered someone unique hits. The most important part was that it was such a fun album. It