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Doggone Cute Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, coming up with a costume is very important, especially for our furry friends. Why would you want your dog to stand around all Halloween without a costume? You can go to the Spirit Halloween store, to Target, or you can even make your own,


  Being a senior can be a roller coaster. Finally reaching the year every high school student waits for. But there’s a infectious attitude running rampant around the senior population. It’s most commonly known as Senioritis. It’s accompanied by being incredibly unmotivated, exhausted, and basically just ready for the new year

Taylor Swift is dead? Conspiracy Theories

THEORY: TAYLOR SWIFT GAVE BIRTH TO A REPTILIAN   Exhibit A: Swift posted a short video on twitter, August 21st 2017, of a what looks like a newly born reptilian baby. A Redditor believes this is true as Swift hasn't posted a picture of herself in months--because she pregnant! You may be

Rage Cage or Rude Cage?

If you have a twitter, I’m sure you’ve seen the beef between the rage cage leaders and the student body lately. Most of the support from rage cage goes out to sports like football, or soccer. Football has a consistent schedule, a game every Friday which makes it easier to

PHS Polls

This week I took two polls on twitter, one about what shoe is the fan favorite (left) and which pizza place is the best (right). For the shoes, the favorite was Nike, which was surprising considering Adidas has been the big thing lately. The pizza poll was much closer than

The Dreadful Awakening

There have been a ridiculous amount of research projects trying to help the sleep deprived students and teachers, but nothing ever changes. School starting so early in the morning only has negative effects on students, teachers and sometimes even parents. It has been proven that school starting so early actually hurts