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Sebastian’s Quest to Nationals

South sport’s keep succeeding as South’s own Sebastian Panambosa qualified for Nationals in Rock Climbing this past weekend. Sebastian will travel down ot Atlanta to compete for a chance to win the USA climbing National Championship. Sebastian has been working at ROKC for the past twoyears and with the help


Unlocking her phone with a quick swipe of her thumb, Tatum Lierman, sophomore, has officially made the cautious decision to open up a world of possibilities. First she presses on Instagram, scrolls through, closes and switches to another social media, this is a daily cycle that consumes most teenagers. According


Paul Williams, a 19-year-old from Indianapolis was bored in class when he saw a “Lisa James” follow him on Instagram. He didn’t recognize her, and neither did his friends, so he brushed it off as another bot on the app. He then became interested in class and clicked on her

Prom Time

With Spring time slowly rolling around, one of South’s students favorite events is coming up this weekend. Prom. Many students would say Prom is just another dance, but lots of people take it much further, with it being one of the most memorable times in your high school experience. It

South vs Staley Baseball

Park Hill South baseball team faced one of their biggest challenges on April 17. They put up a great fight against Staley High School who is known for their baseball talent and just won a tournament in Columbia. Staley has a lot of D1 talent on their team including great

Photography Basics

      Photography, whether you believe it or not, has become a huge part of our lives with constant Instagram posts, Facebook updates, snapchat stories, and other social media. We are constantly taking videos and pictures everywhere we go. whether you are using a cell phone, snap and shoot,

Victory for the Music Department at State Large Ensemble Fesival

This morning, the Park Hill South A Cappella Choir and South Boulevard Singers performed at the MSHAA State Large Ensemble Festival. This event is a regional music competition in which local schools take their large music groups (for PHS that’d be Symphonic Orchestra, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, A Capella Choir,

Spanish Field Trip

On Tuesday, April 4th, the upper level Spanish classes took their annual field trip to the Nelson Atkins art museum and the Plaza. This year, the AP Spanish class went to see traveling Picasso exhibit after studying Picasso and his art in Spanish class. “It’s really cool to see paintings you’ve