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Superman Doesn’t Superscore

Superman doesn't superscore, but the college of your choice might! Superscore: The word invokes reluctant optimism about that last ACT score that didn’t quite rise to the occaison… Superscore means to collect one’s highest individual category scores and calculate a new composite score from the new data. So, say you’ve taken

Lettuce Club Hold’s 2nd Annual Meeting

A PHS tradition continued at students from all grades took on one of the mightiest challenges in their student career. Eating a head of lettuce, in the shortest amount of time as possible. Dozens of students competed in chowing down the green, but only one came out on top, to

Weave Your Web

Spiders will spend an hour averaged building a simple web for them to reside on. And these webs are everything to them. They catch their food, rest, and simply call them home for as long as they can. Nobody likes to talk about spiders. They have too many legs and too

Takin’ Dubs

Highlights from the Varsity Wrestling Tournament that took place today at Park Hill High School. Varsity Wrestling had a 45-21 win against Rockhurst High School, 33-24 win against Excelsior Springs High School, and a 84-0 win against Central Academy of Excellence. To get into the tournament, students had to pay

Culture Fair

On Monday, November 20, and Tuesday, November 21, students met in the library to learn about world cultures - from other students. Either students from certain places presented booths, like Jazeel Banton, sophomore, who moved here from Jamaica, or students who had an interest in a certain place had booths,