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Summer Jobs

As summer is rapidly approaching, many students are searching for jobs, especially graduating seniors. The way I see it, summer jobs are a great way to earn money for the upcoming school year, especially when you are headed to college. Since there is no school, it is much easier to put in more hours and earn more money than it is during the school year.

Andrew Mikuls works as a lifeguard at the Walden pool in the summers.

Mikuls, senior, said, “I like life guarding because this is the fourth summer I’ve done it and it’s easy. I’m saving all the money I make for stuff I’ll need in college.”

Similar to Mikuls, Natalie Masters has a summer job lined up.

Masters, senior, said, “I’ve been working at Stone Canyon for a little over 3 years now. I’ve learned a lot of communication skills because I’ve had to interact with customers and I’ve learned to smile more.”

Masters is going to the University of Kansas this fall.

“I plan to put most of the money I make this summer in my savings account for when I need it in college.” said Masters.

Unlike Masters and Mikuls, Gabby Fatino is working this summer for other reasons.

Fatino, senior, said, “I work at Bonefish Grill as a hostess. I will use the money I earn for shopping, buying food, and taking a trip to Arizona.”

There are many articles online saying that if teens have summer jobs they will thrive. says there are 5 reasons why teens should have summer jobs:

  1. You’ll develop interview skills
  2. You’ll get better at coping with rejection
  3. You’ll learn something about yourself
  4. You’ll push the limits of your comfort zone
  5. You’ll face less competition

These are all very true things. I have quite a bit of experience with summer jobs. I have been working summers since the summer before my freshman year of high school. My first “job” was printing t-shirts at softball and baseball tournaments, but since then, I’ve had numerous of jobs.

For the past couple of summers, I have assisted a wedding planner at weddings and bridal shows/events on the weekends, worked at a daycare, dog-sat, babysat, and been a chauffeur to a family in my neighborhood. I like the variety because it doesn’t get boring and monotonous plus I make more money doing those things than if I worked at a fast food restaurant or a grocery store. My goal is to save as much money as I can so that I don’t have to work as much or at all during the school year. Trying to juggle studies with a job doesn’t always work out. However, summer jobs are the perfect way to keep busy, make some extra cash and stay out of trouble!

If you are looking for a summer job, here are some resources: