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Reality Lockdown

Some about love, some about competition and others even about foods. Whether fictional or real, reality shows are something that most people may take an interest to.

Makenna Ornes, freshman, said, “I like Chip and Joanna from ‘Fixer Upper’.”

What’s her reasoning behind this being her favourite show? Ornes had said that when her and her family were getting ready to move, they’d watch “Fixer Upper” together.

Though “Fixer Upper” is more about homes, there are others that claim the more dramatic genre.

Brooklin Foster, freshman, said that her favourite show was “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

“I really like them because they have a lot of branches of shows,” said Foster.

This is also the reason she decided to recommend some of their shows to high schoolers. Foster said she’d choose “anything Kardashian related.”

Some people also like reality shows for different reasons, whether they’re funny, emotional, or even just thrilling with plot twists.

“I’d just go with something that appeals to your personal interests and you as an individual,” Ornes said.

Macey Chindamo, freshman, said that she’d recommend “The Bachelor” to high schoolers because of all the interesting plot twists that occur throughout the show.

Reality shows are also something people may enjoy because it could prepare them for the real world.

“I watch ‘Fixer Upper’ because I’m probably going into home design,” Chindamo says.

While people may like reality shows, some also have a deeper meaning about why they like them.

Bhry Cayton said, “They’re not exactly real. Even though you’re recording them, there’s still certain things they can or can’t do.”

However, Foster is more into the social contact of them in a whole.

“In modern times, reality shows cater to the audience, “ said Foster. “You can live tweet members on the show and people can get really involved with them.”

So, even if they’re fictional or real, people get to see a glimpse into other’s lives, whether it’s the Kardashians, Chip and Joanna, or even Hollywood’s new hottest bachelor.