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Infinity War Review

2018 has had a lot of hyped films. A quiet place came out of nowhere and was highly anticipated since its revel. But the true build up was ten years in the making. This movie’s preparation spanned over Dozens of films. Of course you probably already know the film im talking about. Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War has Finally arrived.

Of course this review will include spoilers, and this movie is amazing if you don’t have anything spoiled for you. So if you not seen it then stop reading now.

The movie starts right where the end scene for ragnarok ends. It’s very easy to pick up on this if you haven’t seen ragnarok, and isn’t too important. You get to see Thanos completely destroy the ship in the first few minutes. He is setup as threatening and makes for a great villain.

The jokes are decent in the movie, mostly coming from the guardians and Tony Stark, this isn’t a comedy but the jokes are put at appropriate times. The pacing is good too, it goes from different heros and what they are doing, but its not choppy or unnatural.

Now my biggest praise for the movie is how it handles all the characters. THis was advertised as the greatest crossover event in history. So how did marvel handle all these main characters? Well they weren’t the main characters. The movie is set up in a way that the main character is Thanos. THe movie follows his arc top get all the infinity stones, and this is genius. This seals the deal for me with this movie and I give it a 9/10