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Fake It To Make It

Getting up early to do makeup and creating different looks is something many girls excel in, but what makes them want to add a touch of glow or wand of mascara?


Most makeup lovers are finding a way just to feel more confident and pretty proven by South students.


“Makeup makes me feel better and confident about myself because it hides my imperfections,” said Courtney Nance, freshman.


Some students though are actually loving the natural look and would rather go nude.


“I sometimes wear makeup, but I’m always finding myself going without because I either have no time or just don’t feel like it,” says Shania Pray, freshman.


Other than going nude what’s really the inspiration for these makeup lovers to go full glam?


“Kylie Jenner is my inspiration because she has good makeup kits and her makeup is always looking flawless. She just knows how to do it,” says Jovana Mccray, freshman.


Though students love the full glam and natural look, they are usually switching up their style just to give it that extra pop.


“Even though I usually do the same thing on a day to day basis, I will put some eyeshadow on if I’m feeling extra,” said Mccray.


Messing around with makeup and getting crazy can be fun, but what’s really the best part about makeup?


“Eyebrows feel like such a huge statement on your face so it’s always fun doing my eyebrows because it’s something I have gotten really good at and I’m proud,” said Nance.


Overall students are finding a way to make themselves feel pretty and confident, whether it is their natural skin or glam look to the gods.