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Yoga Is For Everyone

“If you don’t already do yoga, start now!”

Everybody can do yoga and there are an endless amounts of benefits to doing it. No matter where you are or what condition you’re in, you can do yoga.

“Yoga is literally for everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re pregnant, disabled or just not flexible, anyone can do it because you go at your own pace and nothing is needed besides your body to do it,” Tatum Lierman, sophomore, said.

Lierman does yoga as often as she can, especially in the morning because it prepares her for the day and helps her focus and stay concentrated. Yoga is a catharsis, it helps relieve daily stress.

“My therapist recommended that I try yoga. I love it because it lowers my blood pressure and stress levels,” said Diana Riegg, sophomore.

Riegg also says it helps with stomach aches, keeps her flexible, and enhances balance, but there aren’t only physical benefits to doing yoga. There are plenty of mental improvements as well.

Many studies have shown that yoga reduces stress, as well as enhances your overall sense of well-being.

“Yoga benefits people mentally and physically and there aren’t any downsides to it, anyone can find five minutes in their day to do yoga,” Sophie Jaeger, sophomore, said.

Yoga makes Jaeger feel happier and more optimistic. She believes that its not just a hobby, or exercise, it’s a lifestyle change. Yoga makes her more confident. She gets a better nights sleep and feels energized and refreshed after doing it.

“Yoga is never a flexibility competition, but you should want to compete in practicing it as much as you can,” Lierman said. “If you don’t already do yoga, start now!”