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Winter Guard season cancelled, looks forward to next year

Bands of America
Photo taken by Theresa Bender at BOA

“Being able to sit with friends, watching and listening to the music was an amazing time,” said Theresa Bender, Guard captain, about participating in the Bands of America competition in St. Louis last fall.

After a fairly active fall season, Guard’s Winter season was cancelled this year, said Bender. Winter Guard’s coach, Ms. Spriggs became a full time teacher and had to step down for scheduling conflicts.

The cancellation was disappointing after last year’s Winter Guard resulted in placing sixth in their division. Spriggs orchestrated a meeting to break the news and full-time member, Elizabeth Cain, said the outcome was expected, although for different reasons.

“There was like too much negativity this year on the team with people showing up 30 minutes to an hour late, and not everyone in practice on the same day,” said Cain.

The team fully expects to be up and running next year, as band cannot compete without Guard, said Cain. Cain hopes next year they will have a full season with no conflicts.

“Since this year was filled with drama I am hoping that next year it will be better and if there is drama that it can be resolved,” said Cain.

As Guard works a little differently compared to other sports and clubs, it can be difficult to categorize it as a specific activity. Bender and Cain put Color and Winter Guard as a full-fledged sport.

“Guard is a competitive team, and we have fun learning cool routines where you dance and spin a flag. Color Guard is open to everyone of any grade and you don’t need any experience at all,” said Cain.

Guard involves a lot of practice and athletic ability to be able to complete the complicated maneuvers in their routines, said Bender.

Cain has plans to ensure a better year next year.

“I plan on helping others that are new to Guard while still being a part of the team, and learning and practicing the routines,” said Cain.