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What do you consider a stress reliever?

Everyone has different ways to relieve stress, and there are so many ways out there to do it. Playing sports or exercising is a major catharsis for some. Others find it more stressful to play a sport.


Ashton Grieef, freshman,  said, “You get away from due dates, and you get to use energy that you normally don’t get to use during school.”


Grieef also said that if he wasn’t in a sport, he would be relieving his stress by playing video games, listening to music and hanging out with friends.


Playing sports affects his grades because he thinks it’s harder to get his work done.


Grieef said, “Playing sports and grades means everything to me, but it can be hard to do both when they both take up a lot of time.”


Both playing sports and keeping grades up is very important to him. Grieef sees playing sports as a stress reliever but also a cause of stress because of grades.


Sports affect him in both positive and negative ways.


He said, “Baseball affects me in a positive way because it keeps me healthy, keeps me meeting new people and most of all enjoyment from succeeding.”


Grieef said that baseball affects him in a negative way when it takes time from his school work.


Addison Meehan is a freshman is a soccer player for South on C team.


Meehan said, “I haven’t played sports my whole life, but when I play soccer I feel as if all of my stress releases.”


Soccer is now how she deals with stress, and when she is not playing soccer she is reading or hanging out with friends.


As you can see people have different ways of dealing with stress. These are just two people that deal with stress by playing sports and many more.