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Victory for the Music Department at State Large Ensemble Fesival

This morning, the Park Hill South A Cappella Choir and South Boulevard Singers performed at the MSHAA State Large Ensemble Festival.

This event is a regional music competition in which local schools take their large music groups (for PHS that’d be Symphonic Orchestra, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, A Capella Choir, and South Boulevard Singers) to perform music at Staley High School.


How the contest works:

  1. The groups prepare and perform at least two pieces of music each.
  2.  The performance ensembles sight-read an unknown selection.
  3. Then ratings are given.
  4. The musicians go home

How the ratings work:

Ratings are given One through Five, is based on their cumulative performance. A One, an exemplary performance, is awarded to only the best ensembles. A Five means that the performance of the ensemble was below subpar.


A Cappella Choir and the South Boulevard Singers received a One rating this morning.


“I am very pleased with our rating because I feel that we have made a lot of progress within the last few weeks and that our rating reflects our hard work,” said Grace Atchison, junior.


On Thursday, Symphonic performed at State Large Ensemble Festival and received a One rating. On Friday, Symphonic Band received a One rating as well.


The top ratings for every ensemble that performed at State Large Ensemble Festival are truly a testament to the hard work and dedication of the music directors and students alike.