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There’s Always a Better “Side”‘

How many times are you and your friends talking about a nonfiction based movie, that was actually really good?


Not often; it’s usually fiction or cartoons.


This is one thing I love most about “The Blind Side”– it’s something that a lot of people can relate to. It stars Quinton Aaron as the main character “Michael” aka “Big Mike,” a poor young black kid who was lost in his own dream of football.


Abandoned by his mom Michael is hopping from place to place just to keep a roof over his head. Found on the side of the road by Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) with no clean clothes and no place to go. With open arms Leigh and her husband (Tim McGraw) take Michael in with soon becoming legal guardians, transforming both his life and theirs. With the help of his tutor and new family he finds his potential in school and a high school football player.


This movie really shows how even through the bad you just have to keep going. Even though Michael had been through so much as a child and in and out of places he always tried to make something out of himself. He showed this through being very protective of his new family and also through football.


It’s amazing how you can see so many people going through something and always seem to have their head held high. That’s what it was like with Michael. Though sometimes he wouldn’t have a place to stay or a meal to eat he bared through it to try to make the next day better than the last. This shows the strength and the love he has for himself as a person to always keep going even when everything around you is shutting down.


During the movie happy and sad songs have been played throughout, this really shows some of the hard times Michael been through and how it can always end up getting better. The songs really speak the strength and the love he has for his family. “That Thang” by Soulstice was played during a scene where Michael wouldn’t let Leigh out of the car in a bad neighborhood when he went to see his mom. That song just fit that scene perfect as he was protecting her from all the people there.


This movie was really heartbreaking and inspiring, with a lot of things you can take from it. I overall love the fact that as many obstacles there was Michael always kept going and found the chance to have a new life and move on. Going along with what I said earlier, this movie is a 5 out of 5 and that if you ever get the chance to see it you definitely should.