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Spanish Field Trip

On Tuesday, April 4th, the upper level Spanish classes took their annual field trip to the Nelson Atkins art museum and the Plaza.

This year, the AP Spanish class went to see traveling Picasso exhibit after studying Picasso and his art in Spanish class.

“It’s really cool to see paintings you’ve learned about in class in real life,” said Marti Heit, senior.

A good portion of the exhibit surrounded what inspired Picasso.

“It’s interesting to see what influenced picasso. I didn’t know African art was a direct influence for him,” said Reece Wurzer, senior.

After the museum, the spanish students go to the Plaza for lunch and usually, a scavenger hunt revolving around the Spanish architecture, but this year the students didn’t do the scavenger hunt because of the cold and gloomy weather.

“I liked going to the Plaza to eat, Potbelly’s was really good, but it was really cold and I hate the cold. And there were a lot of puddles and I kept stepping in the puddles,” said Sofia Gomez, junior.