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South Throws

Throwing is looking towards its new season in 2018. The longtime event of shot put and discus have a home in the sport track.

Coaches and players prepare very similarly to one another when it comes to getting ready for the spring sport.

“Getting prepared for the new season is very important to me, so that I can bring new things,” coach Abby Bozarth said. “We have the players lift for about an hour and then go out to equally throw shot and disc to prepare themselves for meets.”

Brandon Holder, science, is the new shot put coach this year.

“I’m adjusting into the new position alright, my main focus is to get to know everyone and be a good coach,” he said.

He gathered information from former coaches, coaching clinics and watched expert analysis videos.

The discus coach, Bozarth, has been participating in this event since she was a sophomore.

“I love conference meets to see everyone show off how much work they have put in. Also, the medals are a nice reward to look forward to,” she said.

New players, of all grades, are going out for throwing as well. Alyssa Miller, sophomore, has been practicing before track practice has started “to learn more of the technique,” she said.

Miller said, “It’s a lot of fun being with your friends while not having to do extraneous work. Just working on the things that we need to genuinely work on while not being in a full team setting, but rather a club setting.”

Maddie Kramer, sophomore, has been throwing since she was in seventh grade.

“I’m always excited when track season comes around, because that’s my time to really show off.” said Kramer.