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Worlds of Fun Lives Up to Its Name

There are lots of amusement parks in the country– you have Six Flags, Disney World, and many more. One the country’s favorites is Worlds Of Fun.

People come from all around the country to experience Worlds Of Fun. I don’t blame them; the rides are epic. Worlds Of Fun has its pros and cons but that’s every amusement park.

Some pros to WOF is that the rides are great anybody can go there and have good time. My favorite ride is the Mamba the ride is extremely scary it takes you deep in the air and drops you.

They even have kid rides– the place is called Snoopy Land.  To top it off it also have the tallest ride in America which is the Timber Wolf. Some cons are if you don’t have a gold pass some of the lines may be a little lengthy if you go on a busy day. The gold pass lets you cut all the lines for each ride which is really a great benefit.

On the other side of WOF, you have Oceans Of Fun which brings out even more people to experience both. Oceans Of Fun has a great wave pool that everyone loves to experience. I will say though it can be dangerous at times. You must be on a aired up float, and if you fall off a float, you must swim back immediately if you’re not a good swimmer or you cannot hold your breath. I recommend everyone try out OOF; their slides are terrific also.

Some of the cons are that the pool gets crowded and you have to be bunched up in certain areas of the pool at times. Also, you may have to wait in lines to go on water slides and there is no gold pass to allow you to cut the lines. The pros are you may have the best time of your life and their pools are good safe and clean. They have a variety of food and ice cream stations.

My overall rating of Worlds and Ocean of Fun is a 5 star place to spend time with I recommend you take your family there.  The place is beautiful you will enjoy being there.