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Prom Time

With Spring time slowly rolling around, one of South’s students favorite events is coming up this weekend. Prom. Many students would say Prom is just another dance, but lots of people take it much further, with it being one of the most memorable times in your high school experience. It goes all the way from the “promposal” where the girl gets asked by their date, to the day of, when you spend all day preparing. From buying the outfits and flowers, to prepping your hair and makeup, Prom can be a daunting task.

This year the theme is Starry Night. There are several King and Queen candidates (seniors), as well as Prince and Princess (juniors). There is one girl and one boy crowned in each grade. Prom is going to be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, and the after Prom is at Power Play. While several students will attend after Prom, lots do not. Many students create their own themed “after prom” with the people in their fellow prom groups.

The night, just like each year, is full of possibilities.