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PHS Girls Soccer


With second semester here, that means spring sports are here too. Girls soccer is one of the few girls sports that occur in the spring season. There are many opportunities. If you’ve never played a sport before, soccer could be a great way to start.

The girls are off to a good start, with a record of 3-1. And they only have more games to win. They already played one of the hardest teams they play, Liberty. It was a close game of 1-2. The girls have been working well together and many of the girls think this will be the best season they have had in awhile.

This year was one of the highest amounts of girls trying out. There were 30 freshman that tried out, the most girls in a long time. There is a wide variety of ages on the varsity team.

There are 8 freshman on the varsity team, and they have been proving they can perform well. Captain, Ryanne Serrone, said “the freshmen are doing really well, they are very mature on and off of the field.”

As the years go on, the freshman girls will only get better. When they are juniors and seniors, they will be very experienced and have grown as players a lot by then.

I highly recommend that you try out for the soccer team in the upcoming years. You will make many friends, and get some fun exercise in.