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Nutrition and Diets of an Athlete

Behind every great athlete is their diet.

Most good players have at least one or two things they like to eat before a big game.

Addison Meehan, freshman, said that she likes to eat something healthy with protein before soccer games. She said she tries to cut out as much junk as she can.

Other people, however, would rather have something a bit more simple.

“I like to eat crackers, usually. Just because they don’t really get on my costumes that much,” Madison Atkins, another freshman, said.

Avery Dodd, freshman, also gave tips as to what to eat before a big game.

“Eat something small, but can also fill you up,” she said.

Atkins also came in to say that people should try to eat something with “proteins and grains” in them. Even giving as much to say people should try the Belvita granolas with blueberry.

Most people also have a lot of mixed feelings about whether to drink water or energy drinks. Four out of five people had said that they would rather drink water than an energy drink before a game.

“I think it depends on what you’re playing,” Dodd says. “If you have an energy drink then let it sit for a while. If it’s back to back – then drink water.”

Jessie Matthews , junior, also shared her opinion saying that water should be the first choice – even going as far to say dehydration is a “silent killer”.

Arly Anderson, freshman,  even pitched in to say water would be better because sports drinks are usually just made up of unhealthy sugars.

After a game, some people may have a different diet or taste for food with all the hard work they’ve been doing.

“After a game, I’m usually more hungry – maybe going to eat pasta or something,” Meehan said.

Atkins says that she would usually have Chick-fil-a after a dance competition or practice.

Melissa Dominguez, a freshman, went on to say that she would usually have something with a lot of fruits or veggies – being a vegetarian as such.

At the end of the day, athletes need a lot of healthy foods and with every healthy food they eat is a better guarantee for success.