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Murder on the Orient Express

Murder mysteries aren’t usually everyone’s cup of tea. But there is one, in particular, that could be one that everyone loves.

“Murder on the Orient Express” is a movie with wit, comedy and suspense all rolled up in one.

The wit comes from the main character, the detective called Hercules Poirot, he’s an old man with quick humour and smarts to along with it. The comedy comes from everyone in their own way with how they handle the situation.

And last, the suspense comes from the whole plot itself. How everyone in the movie contributes to something with the suspense. They each were doing something the night that Mr. Ratchett died that makes them a potential suspect in the murder. But, like most murder mysteries, it has to be only one person.

I love this movie mainly because it isn’t serious all the way through. It gives little lines of humour here and there, but it isn’t like in-your-face humour; it’s more of the humour you have to think about. Most movies don’t exactly do that. They’re more right to the point and have seriousness through and through.

Mr. Ratchett, played by none other than Johnny Depp himself, is trying to get Mr. Poirot – a top detective – to have his back. But, later in the night, Ratchett is found dead in his cabin on the train. This is where all the investigations start.

Every character has a demeanor that I love – some arrogant, some innocent, some even just full of wit and humour. They all help contribute something to that plot that just wouldn’t be the same without them.

As for the style of the movie, it fits in so well with the time period. Some movies based in the ‘30s are usually slightly going off into later time periods whereas this one stays within that time and seems authentic and real–especially Mr. Poirot’s infamous mustache that he wears so proudly on his face.

Soon, the movie gets more interesting when the train stops on the track because of an avalanche, leaving them with a dead body, a wrecked train, and no idea of who the killer is – and even mixing in a mysterious case from years past.

All in all, this movie is full of twists and turns that could grasp anyone’s attention in a heartbeat – you can find it of Redbox, or even a 123Movie website. I would highly recommend it and give it 5 out of 5 stars.