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Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour

On April 27, Kevin Hart came to Kansas City to sell out the Sprint Center on his stand up comedy tour, titled, “The Irresponsible Tour”. Fortunately for me, as a fan of Hart, I was gifted the opportunity to see his show on that Friday with founders club tickets. Here is a comprehensive review of Hart’s comedy routine and his opening acts, “The Plastic Cup Boyz”.

Although the show had a delayed start to upset the impatient, the opening acts from the three talents of “The Plastic Cup Boyz” came to save the day. All three comics were completely unique to themselves, however flowed wonderfully into each other with connecting ideas and recurring jokes. Although the delay of the show was a consequence of Hart running into trouble with finding an available opening act, “The Plastic Cup Boyz” were in my opinion a very clutch and successful solution. The only way I would fault them is by their assumed inexperience with stand up as referenced by the challenge they created in trying to hear them. Although the audio in their microphones could have been poorly adjusted to their vocals, I found myself having the hardest time understanding their jokes because of the mumbled audio. My friends and family who I attended the show with had the same to say.

Just before Hart was about to make his first appearance as the opening acts cleared the stage and the theater lights dimmed, the atmosphere of the event took a spine chilling turn. The massive center screen lowered down over the stage and began showing a hype video of Hart and his inspiration for the Irresponsible Tour’s theme, irresponsibility. The motion told of Hart’s comeback story after taking fire from media last year about his disloyalty in his marriage. It was beautifully illustrated to get the crowd roaring with excitement while simultaneously sending goosebumps down our arms. The video ended with powerful sub-woofers mimicking a heart beat before the center screen rose from its lowered position to reveal the man we’ve all been waiting for.

As Hart began his show, there was an immediate difference that made Hart stand out from his opening acts and even all other comedians. There is in fact good reason for Hart’s popularity and his ability to sell out an event center like Sprint. He is very charismatic and is funny without trying to be. A lot of comedians try and push their comedy too much,  and the outcome is usually cringey. Hart and his many famous ad-libs and hyperbolic noises make for a hysterical performance all while delivering comedy that is relatable to the audience. His quick wit with his interactions with some audience members were so coincidentally perfect as if attendees were staged to help his performance even more. Hart is a great performer. After seeing his Irresponsible Tour show at Sprint I have truly gained so much respect for the man and would definitely promote the idea of attending the show, or future shows, yourself if you are given the chance.