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Honda Accord Gives Me the Freedom to Drive

Turning 16 is a very exciting time. One of the best things that comes along with it is having the freedom to drive.

I recently turned 16, and I am now able to drive. I got a 2015 Honda Accord for my birthday, and it is a truly exceptional car. This car is a full sized sedan and it’s very safe for all weather conditions.

This car is full of great features that immediately draws me into the car. It has a sunroof, push start, back up and lanewatch (blind spot) cameras, and bluetooth with a hands free link, making anything I have to do while driving very safe and convenient. The bluetooth and handsfree feature is very nice because there aren’t cords hanging around, and you can control your music, calls, and texts from your car and don’t have to worry about being distracted by your phone.

The lanewatch feature is a very helpful feature that I have never seen in any other car.22 One thing I do not like about it though, is that it is only on the right side, which I don’t understand because yes it is a harder blind spot, but I feel like if they are going to install it one one side, they should add it to the other as well.

This car also has custom auto lock door options, which means as long as I have my keys next to me, I don’t have to press any buttons. The key fob and the car recognize each other and whatever door I’m standing next to will open, but it will leave all the other doors locked.

I am rating my car a 9/10. I really enjoy the smooth ride and all the awesome features that come along with a great price.