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Deep Dish Heaven

How often do you get to enjoy a cheesy thick deep dish crust pizza?  

Not often, unless you are in the Windy City of Chicago.

Chicago is known for their deep dish pizza. Giordano’s is a must go place if you ever find yourself in downtown Chicago looking for a bite to eat. The current owners of the world famous Giordano’s are George and Bill Apostolou who inherited it from their parent John and Eva Apostolou who lost it prior to bankruptcy.

Giordano’s is based on food that will fill you up. A lot know it for their pizza but they offer a variety of different foods. They have salads, soups, past and tons of different appetizers. Giordano’s was first started in 1974 by two brothers by the names of Efren and Joseph Boglio. They started the recipe in their small town near Turpin.

Giordano’s didn’t start as a success, they faced many troubles when starting up their pizza company. Efren began working at a pizzeria in Chicago but didn’t like how the pizzas were tasting, so he decided to open up his own restaurant. Efren used his mom’s famous recipe to create what we eat now at Giordano’s.

Elfren was faced with many questions stating why his is better than the already pizza parlor Nancy’s Pizza. Elfren eventually closed down Giordano’s for 14 years before it was re-opened by John and Eva Apostolu in 1988. The new opening didn’t last long, John and Eva lost Giordano’s due to bankruptcy in 1993. They tried to open a Giordano’s in Milwaukee in 1995 by that closed in 2002. The first major expansion outside of Chicago was when it opened in Florida in 2005.

In October 2007, Giordano’s was blowing up. They had 13 restaurants in Chicago and another 30 just in the metropolitan area in Chicago and all around the world like Florida, Port Richey, and Brandon.

Giordano’s gave me a good experience. There food was delicious and their service was even better. The staff treated you like you were family and helped you if you had any problems. The food was presentable and tasted even better. They offer a variety of sizes for their pizza and offer many deals throughout the day.

Overall I would rate my experience and the food a 5 out of 5.