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Change Of The Seasons

In the world of boring sports, it is rare to hear of anything noteworthy.


A week prior to spring sports tryouts, MSHSAA notified golf and tennis coaches that they are looking into a possible season change.


As of right now, in the fall, there is women’s golf and women’s tennis. In the spring there is men’s tennis and men’s golf. MSHSAA has not clarified exactly what the change would be, but just that there is a possibility of a change.

The changing of seasons would most likely include moving either tennis or golf so that men’s and women’s would be the same season.


“It would make more sense if they put guys and girls golf at the same time,” said freshman golfer, Ty Ecton.


There are several reasons people have been pushing for a season change.


“I wish both seasons were in the fall, because then I could prepare for the season in the summer,” said senior golfer, Harrison Feaster.


There are many more reasons that people want a season change, such as weather and other sports conflicts.


“We start tryouts in February and it’s cold,” said Feaster.


Changing seasons may be impacted by weather, but an adverse effect of this may be advantages or a disadvantage to multiple sport athletes.


“I really hope they don’t change seasons because playing tennis in the spring allows me to stay in shape for football in the offseason,” said sophomore tennis player, Michael Verhoeven.


The future of many athletes could be drastically changed depending on what MSHSAA decides.