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A Quiet Place Review

Everyone loves a good scary movie. Nearly everyone also loves the office. And everyone who loves the office probably loves John Krasinski. This was John’s first big horror movie, and the hype was real. So let’s see how it went.


This movie had high expectations. A all star cast, 100% critic review on rotten tomatoes, the works. Thing where looking good, and this was clear when I went opening weekend, tickets were sold out.


    I will now go over the movie, I will not give any major spoilers but will hint towards plot points. The movie starts off as you’d expect, quiet. I had one fear from the trailer, that the whole conflict would be caused by stupid kids doing stupid stuff and making noise. In the first five minutes it seemed my fears were confirmed, but then the movie then did something I didn’t expect. It pulled out a clever and believable issue that I did not expect.


     It was good fun to see how the characters adapted after years of living with no sound. And the way the monster senses were set up amazingly. You didn’t see them for a long time, but they remained a ever present threat. This makes a good intimidating experience.


 All and all it lived up to the hype. The acting was very good, despite one of the child actors getting on my nerves. The movie was one of the first horror movies I’ve enjoyed in a while and I give it a 9/10.