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The Office: Hit or Miss?

What in the world would be funny about a paper company?  I asked myself this same question before watching this hit TV show, but ever since March 24, 2005 NBC has been the talk of comedy, some would say because of a show that’s spread like wildfire: “The Office.”


 Some students at South would agree with the question after watching, while others adore everything about the fictional storyline.


Part of the fact it remains so popular today is because it’s not like an everyday reality show, or ABC drama.  Many feel they can relate to the problems faced in the everyday workplace on the show.


The series depicts the everyday lives of office employees in the Scranton Pennsylvania branch of the fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. To mirror the look of an actual documentary or video log, it is filmed in a single camera setup, without a studio audience or a laugh track.

There’s also an interesting cast of workers, from the crazy employees and careless ones. Kevin Malone, one of the lazy comical employees would have to be Grant Mulligan (freshman)’s favorite character.


“Kevin is hands down my favorite character,” said Mulligan.  “I just feel like his script was the best written humor wise, he wasn’t overcast, and the scenes he’s featured in have my dying laughing every time.”


Like Grant, sophomore Luci Steele loves the office and likes the boss of the office the best, Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell).  

“Michael just really brings the office together, and without him the show isn’t the same,” Steele said.


Fans that love the show could even argue against it in that Scott really made the show what it was.  Mulligan agreed that once Scott left the paper company in season eight, the show really took a turn for the worst, ending the entire production one season later.


And while “The Office” has many fans, the show has also attracted some negative feedback from teenagers today, one of them being freshman Maddie Winkler.


“The Office just couldn’t keep my attention, and just wasn’t my type of humor,” said Winkler.  

She eventually got impatient and gave up within the first season, after attempting to get into the comedy.


While some may not think as highly of “The Office,” it’s clear that one thing can be true: NBC can make a show run for nine years about the most random thing: a paper company!