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Switching up at South

Lately, there has been a lot of talk about sports switching seasons, and there are some different opinions on it. Rumor has it that MSHAA is voting on switching the girl’s golf and tennis seasons. In my opinion, I like having my tennis in the fall, and can’t imagine it any other way, and others on the team agree with that. It would be a huge change, and the thing we all agree on, it that it would be too cold. But with this change, there will be more opportunities for girls to play tennis in the spring, considering almost all girls sports are in the fall. This could open up a window for many more people to try a new sport.
When I asked tennis coach Ian Cunliff how he feels about the change he stated,”In general, I don’t mind the change, but I don’t think it will make a huge difference to either season,”.
He also said, “The state believes it will provide a greater variety of opportunity for girls. For south, I think it would hurt our numbers to conflict with soccer,”.
I think with the change, the tennis team may gain or lose some players, but no matter what we are a team and can still win.