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Students from Parkland shooting bring protesting into the picture

Are you tired of turning on the TV and seeing another mass shooting happening?

This has happened in places all over the country Florida, Nevada, Texas and the line continues on. At schools, churches and concerts, according to Morgan Manella from, 11,000 people have been killed each year due to gun violence way more than any other causes.

Students were so fed up of seeing everyone either dead or injured by guns. After the most recent Parkland shooting in Florida, they decided they’re going to protest to change gun laws. This is where April 20 and March 14 comes into play.

“ I think it’s a good way to give people a voice but, it doesn’t always do a lot,” said Kerrigan Meehan, sophomore.

The protesting is all about stricter gun laws or even a banned on them if we have the chance. The others were supposed to be a memorial for the 17 who lost their lives just recently at the parkland shooting in Florida on Feb. 14. This got students at South pretty excited but, it wasn’t for the same reason.

“ Walking out of school with signs isn’t going to do anything, I’m just doing it to get out of class,” says Jovana Mccray, freshman.  

So is this really a good idea to allow the students to do it if isn’t the right reason? Some South students aren’t doing it, but it also isn’t for the reason as others.

“No, I feel it’s stupid; all protesting does is turn into riots and nothing but anger rallies,” says Courtney Nance, freshman.

This is where the overall question comes in. Should we really ban guns, is it really worth it?

“No guns are our right, it’s the second amendment. Taking our guns away won’t end the violence going on,” says Nance.

Trump thought about this and took in the students opinions by trying to change the age limit of 18 to 21 when anybody can buy any type of gun. Students had very mixed feelings about this situation, as some wanted them to stay but be stricter laws behind them others didn’t want anything to do with them.

“Yes and no, people living out on their own need someway to protect themselves, but changing the age limit isn’t going to change anything. People at 21 are still immature and will probably do something crazy,” says McCray.

This got South students thinking, should everyone be able to have a gun?

“ I don’t think guns should be completely banned but should definitely have background checks on people before their even able to purchase a gun. Not everyone should be able to get a gun,” says Meehan.

If anybody is interested in taking part of the protesting don’t take it for granted and put in the remembrance of the 11,000 people who passed this 2017-2018 year. Until we see some action take place in our country may it be banning guns, mental health improvement, etc, you might continue to turn on your TV and see violence.