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Spring Break Exclusives

It’s about that time again: time for everyone to pack their bags and travel elsewhere for 10 days.

Spring Break has always been something people look forward to during second semester. It helps people relax, gain some free time back, and helps them sort everything out before things get too crazy. Spring Break is a way for everyone to breathe a little.

“I’m going to Mexico for spring break,” Melissa Dominguez, a freshman, said. “I’m excited to see more of my family since that didn’t happen very often this year.”

Meanwhile, Addison Meehan, freshman, has chosen to lay low and stay within the country, saying she was going to Chillicothe, Mo. to visit her great-grandparents. She even said it was one of her “favorite things to do.”

“I think one of my favourite things to do or one of my favourite memories of Spring Break is that I went camping with my father once – my step-mom, as well. My family’s crazy so it was a lot of fun,” Dominguez said with a smile.

Some people also really enjoy just hanging out around the Kansas City area, such as Allison Shandy, freshman.

“Yeah, my mom and I will sometimes take advantage of all the free things the city has to offer, such as going to the Nelson-Atkins Museum,” Shandy said.

Then there are other people who just simply have a favourite place because of old memories. Avery Butler, freshman, said she loved visiting Colorado because her family lived there once before, even saying there is “a lot of family history.”

Lakes or beaches? That’s been a Spring Break question for quite some time.

“To me, [the lake] is more peaceful. There isn’t a shark that could eat me. It’s also more relaxing and there are less people than with a beach,” Meehan said.

Butler also came in to say that lakes are better because there is no dying in the middle of the ocean. She also said that they’re “less overwhelming and scary”.

But there are also some that beg to differ.

“I’d rather go to the beach because I grew up near one and I really liked it. We lived very close to it – like five minutes away,” Dominguez said.

Others would rather choose a beach because the animals in lakes aren’t very appealing.

“Turtles scare me in the water of the lake. They’re literally always hiding,” Shandy said.

You know how there are always those people who listen to specific music during Spring Break? Well, that’s the case for these four ladies as well.

Shandy said that she liked Lana Del Rey because she had “weird indie music” and it was appealing to her.

“I always listen to The Beatles on breaks. They bring back really good memories,” Dominguez said.

She went on further to say that she listens to a lot of classic rock around this time.

Other people really like some artists because they speak about things that actually happen. Meehan had went to say that she enjoyed listening to Hozier because he speaks about real-life topics that go on in the world.

“He’s just so real. You can’t find music like that anywhere else,” Meehan said.

She also went on to say that it’s also just very relaxing for her to hear someone who’s a bit more laid back and “chill”.

So, in the end, whether it’s visiting family, listening to The Beatles or some weird indie tunes, Spring Break is a time to let loose and enjoy the freedom away from school for a while.