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South’s Soccer in Recap

After a long season of boys’ soccer, the sport is winding down for the year. There’s no time better than now to catch up on what you missed and what to expect for next season.

The main focus is the upcoming talent at South, though. While often overlooked, South’s freshman teams hold a lot of promise.

The boys’ C team rounded out the season with an overall positive record of 12 wins and one loss, with one additional tie out of their 17 games. This is a solid matchup when compared to Varsity and JV’s 15-7-1 and 13-2 record respectively.

“I feel like the season went well, but it was very frustrating at times. At the same time, I can’t wait for the next season,” said Jackson Blevins, freshman team captain.

Blevins isn’t the only one on the team who feels this way. Most of his team feels the same optimism, including fellow freshman team member Luis Peiter.

“I noticed we always played our best when we cooperated. There was always someone that took the lead and motivated the rest of us,” said Peiter.

The season had its fair share of uplifting victories and crushing losses, but the freshmen never let up.

“Some of our losses were pretty bad, but I think the important thing is that we always came back and persevered,” said freshman team player Jake Moore.

If there’s one thing to learn from these freshmen, it’s that perseverance and cooperation goes a long way. Because of this, South has some promising new soccer talent in its future.