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South’s Rockstar Leaders

“P-A-R-T-Y. Party, party is on our side. Where’s the party? If the party’s over here.” “Hey Burrito. Hey, hey, hey burrito.” “I went down to the river and I took a little walk.” “Hey MASC, how do you feel?”

These were some of the many cheers that were chanted at Missouri Association of Student Council (MASC) State Convention through March 8-10 in Lebanon, Mo.

Six South STUCO members attended to represent South STUCO as a whole. Students attends from all over Missouri to collaborate and gain new ideas to bring back to their school.

“We got in the car, we left, we got to Lebanon, Missouri and went to the high school. I was very excited and anxious, because I didn’t really know what to expect of the day. I was excited to meet new people, learn new things and enjoy the opportunity,” Katie Smith, sophomore.

The Convention theme was Leadership on Tour. Houston Kraft, Davey Muise and Kevin Wanzer were the keynote speakers throughout the weekend. All three spoke about the importance of being kind, choosing to love and making sure you’re thinking of others before yourself.

“Leadership is your shovel. Can your passion dig anybody else out,” said Muise.

Students did one-on-one activities with other members during the duration of the speakers’ presentation. Some activities involved opening up about feelings and playing bingo.

“I felt like I got closer with people in general and simple everyday things have more meaning to me. I expanded my horizons, build my network and connect with people like me, said Marcus Scudiero, sophomore.

Leaders also had the opportunity to attend workshops to find new ideas to bring back to their school.

“I want to bring Meme day to Park Hill South because it very successful at other schools and I think it will bring people together,” said Smith.

South STUCO is known for reaching high and dreaming big. They have hopes to improve the school with their new ideas, by being a friend to all and hopefully running for State in 2019. Many wish them luck on their goals as they continue become ‘rockstar leaders.’

“Hey MASC, how do you feel?”

“We feel good. Oh, we feel so good. Hey.”