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South takes on ACT

For lots of college bound students, the consensus is that getting good grades in high school leads to acceptance and scholarships at universities.

The 80 hours that junior Sam Beuerlein spent on ACT activities says otherwise.

“I’m aiming for a 34 or a 35,” Beuerlein said.

 A satisfactory score doesn’t always look the same for high school students.

“I’ll stop taking the ACT if a get a 26 or higher,” said junior Jerome Pearson.       

These two students clearly illustrate that an ideal score can differ greatly. There are two main reasons that students take the ACT: admissions to college and scholarships for college.

However, some students who are pursuing athletic scholarships as well may need a lower ACT score to get the money they need for scholarships “ A 26 would be a good score for me because most football schools take that”

The ACT is a standardized test used to tests students’ ability to learn. Some of the material on the test requires prior knowledge but most is solvable with just common knowledge.

Having a standardized test such as the ACT ensures that students can’t just take an easy high school schedule and have a 4.0 for college applications. Even though you don’t need to have taken lots of classes to do well on ACT, there is still plenty you can do to prepare for it.

“I have taken five ACT’s, five Practice ACT’s and done 40+ hours of prepscholar,”  said Beuerlein

There are lots of different resources you can use including things such as ACT prep classes at school, online programs you can pay for and purchasing your past tests to review them and find your errors.

The amount of prep each student does depends on how good of a tester they are, and what score they have already received. Junior Sadie Franklin has already received a 32 on her ACT, she hasn’t done any prep nor does she plan to considering she is satisfied with her score

“I feel like the ACT plays a vital role in determining your college and career,” said Pearson.

This is true for so many students, especially those who can’t afford to pay for college without scholarships. The ACT is a double edged sword in that it can reward students greatly if they perform well.

Whether you spend seconds, hours, or days on preparing for your ACT, there are few students who will never realize the impact of the ACT on their academic careers.