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South Students Go Crazy over Twisted Fresh

When you’re hungry and feel the urge to go out, where do you typically find yourself?  


For many South students, Twisted Fresh is the place to go.


Twisted Fresh opened its third strand in the Northland in January of 2016.  That third strand landed right next to SmallCakes in Burlington Creek. Every since opening, it has become a huge fan favorite.


“Twisted Fresh is in a good location.  It is not that far from the key neighborhoods at South,” said by Dawson Owen, Junior.  “It’s food is great quality and made very fast.”


Jordan Lenz, senior, also spoke very highly about Twisted Fresh.  


“They have a lot of options, it’s really fast, and the majority of it is healthy,”  Lenz said. “I am so glad we have one in the Northland.”


Lenz and Maddie Murphy, senior, both agree that they like to order the Baja Shrimp Tacos, the Southwest Chicken Sandwich or the Spicy Thai Chicken Salad.  Another popular choice at Twisted is the Cajun Chicken Tacos, which is what Owen usually orders.


A few infrequent customers complain about how costly Twisted is.  Regular customers disagree though, as Owen, Murphy, and Lenz all think the price is fair for the quality and deliciousness.


Owen said, “It’s basically the same price as going to Chipotle and getting a burrito.”


Not only is Twisted Fresh known for its customers at South, but there are also a few students who work there, one of which is senior Jordan Rancudo.


Rancudo began working there just a month after opening in 2016.  The lady at the register asked Rancudo before then if she was looking for a job, because they needed a smile like hers behind the counter.  So Rancudo look the job, and two years later is still working there.


“I do love working there, I’ve been there for so long that it’s just been a part of me.  I love the crew and the food. It is a unique job too,” said Rancudo. “[Twisted Fresh] can give people anxiety with how busy we get but I’ve learned how to manage.”


Twisted Fresh is a top hit here at South, not only for its food and amazing taste, but also because of those who work there.  Twisted’s variety is outrageous and is hard to let you down. Why would you not give it a taste?