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Soccer Success

Numerous hours are dedicated weekly to one of the top sports played in the world: soccer.

Makayla Mead made the JV soccer team at South this year as a freshman.

“I am excited to play with new people against higher competition,” she said.

The last five years of her life have been put toward the well-known sport on various teams like Blaze Soccer.

The majority of freshman are on the C-Team but select few are on JV and Varsity. Mead is looking forward to making more friends with upperclassmen and “feeling more involved in school” through soccer.

Brooklin Foster, freshman loves that Mead proves that age doesn’t matter.

As the consuming practice times every day from 3-5 p.m. dominate much of the players’ schedules, that hasn’t stopped Mead.

“It hasn’t been bad. I was expecting it to be worse but if I use my time wisely at school and get my homework done after soccer, I have some free time,” Mead said.

Roughly 17 girls are on each of the three South soccer teams, with only 11 able to play at a time. That makes playing time vital to the ladies practicing hours after school.

Playing time is determined by the coaches off of their effort and work ethic.

“As I’m not super excited for conditioning, I am just going to try to work hard to make sure I have playing time,” said Mead.

Mead is inspired to play soccer by her dad.

“He was really good at soccer as well, and it’s something I can connect to him with,” she said.

Mead enjoys soccer because as she is a quiet person, soccer allows her to “lose herself” and have fun concentrating on the game.

As the long-term dedication that is required to keep up with competitors is important, her passion for the sport extends beyond the walls of high school.

“I am hoping to play soccer all four years at Park Hill South and it would be fun to play soccer in college, too,” said Mead.

JV’s first home game is March 26 at 5 p.m. against Truman.