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Parkland Tragedy

This tragedy in Parkland, Florida on Feb. 14 has affected people all over the world with confusion and sadness. People all around are coming together and discussing how everyone can change to prevent these tragedies.

Do you think new treatments for mental illnesses would decrease school shootings? Nicholas Brancato, sophomore, said the treatments we already have today are effective.

Brancato says, “I don’t know how our treatments can get any better”.

He doesn’t know if changing treatments could be anymore effective than they already are.

Do you think a mental illness attributed more to Nikolas Cruz causing this? Brancato feels as if anybody who commits a crime like this isn’t probably in the right mind set.

He said, “I wouldn’t blame a school shooting on the lack of medical attention given to the patient”.

Officer Matt Westrich, School Resource Officer, explained how mental illnesses can be hard to answer. There is a health privacy that is a major issues right now. He thinks lawmakers are going to have to find a different way to know more about them with each person who might have one.

Westrich states “The biggest factor is gun control since Feb. 14. The second amendment can be expressed in many different ways”.

To him, mental illness is a bigger issue but he states how other factors have played a big part in this too. For example he said parenting, social media, video games, drug use, and etc.

He states “It’s just tough right now. I think Park Hill South does a great job with keeping everyone safe”.

The most important thing to him is that he will not just sit as an officer during an active shooter in any school. He stated how we will not wait for SWAT teams to dismiss him even if he risks his own life.

Diana Riegg, sophomore, thinks that people could receive more mental help. She thinks everyone should get their thoughts out, and that it could make a major change today.

“Hurt people hurt people who hurt people” states Riegg.

These three people want to help change as much as possible to prevent these tragedies from occurring. Everyone can come together as one to help make this change.