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Michael Porter Jr. and Mizzou’s fate


During mid-March, the world of sports is very action packed. You can see buzzer- beating games from the NBA and even the college basketball scene.

March Madness is in full of effect and the fans at South are either loving life right now or sobbing in their parents’ basement.

As of right now, one game the most fans at South were looking forward to watch was the Mizzou basketball game. The reason why is due to the return of Michael Porter, Jr.

Fedo Manning, junior, said, “ I’m not like most Mizzou fans at Park Hill South. I do think him making a return is a good thing, but I don’t think he’s gonna be able to win the game for us.”

Many students who were interviewed are big Michael Porter Jr. fans, but do think his return will make  a drastic impact and may even win the game for Mizzou basketball against Florida State University

Dre Anderson, junior, said, “ Michael Porter Jr. is a game changing player in my eyes. I really do think his return is going to further Mizzou’s position in the tournament.”

Michael Porter Jr. as of right is averaging 7.0 points a game, 5.0 rebounds a game, and a total of 0.5 assists per game. Michael Porter Jr. could have better stats but due to his early season injury caused him to miss a large amount of play during this season, and is a large reason why he has a poor stat sheet.

Ethan Falconer, sophomore, said, “Honestly I don’t keep up with March Madness, but all the news im hearing from my friends. I believe that Mizzou isn’t going to go far.”

Most fans at South are either Mizzou or Kansas basketball fans. As of right now we may see a lot of controversy in the halls of South.