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Home is Where the BBQ is

Florida, The Bahamas, and California are all among some of the most popular vacation spots for Spring Break each year.

However, most people do not get the chance to travel around for this short break from school. This does not mean that they don’t get to enjoy their time off, though.

There are all kinds of fun and exciting things to do around Kansas City when you have time off, making Spring Break the perfect time to go try new things with friends.

Sophomore Luci Steele said, “I love going to the Plaza with all my friends. There is all kinds of good restaurants and and shops down there.”

There are many other people who agree that Kansas City has plenty of things to do when you have free time.

Sophomore Annie Woodson said, “I really enjoy going downtown. There is lots of fun little shops and it’s just a fun place to wander around when the weather is nice out”.

Kansas City is known for a few good things, one of the biggest being that it is home to some of the best barbecue in the entire world.  

Sophomore Michael Smoyer said, “There is nothing I enjoy more than a nice thick slab of KC ribs on a hot day.”  

Whether you plan on doing something or not, Spring Break is still a break from school no matter how you look at it. Many people like to use this time to just relax and enjoy a stress free week.

Woodson said, “Everyone should just spend a little bit of time with themselves and have a chance to regroup. Spring Break is a little taste of summer and everyone should take advantage of that time off to just relax and have fun.”

Steele agreed with Woodson about how relaxing of a time Spring Break is.

She said, “My favorite thing about Spring Break is that I don’t have to think about school one time at all.”

No matter whether you spend it in KC or Florida, Spring Break means one thing:  summer is only a couple of months away.

“We are three fourths of the way through the school year,” Steele said. “Party time is on its way!”